Travel Nurse Housing in Illinois

Travel Nurse Housing in Illinois

May 23, 2023

When you think of Illinois, Chicago is often the first thing to come to mind. However, Illinois has so much more to offer outside of the bustling streets of Chicago. Illinois has plenty to offer the travel nurse who loves the outdoors. You can explore Lake Michigan, Starved Rock State Park, and the Garden of the Gods. If you are a travel nurse that is more interested in museums and galleries, there are so many to choose from, including the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Are you a travel nurse that loves city life? Illinois is the home to the third largest city in America, with everything to offer and more! So if the busy city life, beautiful outdoor adventures, or a plethora of historical sites interest you, check out the Illinois travel opportunities at Advantis Medical!

How much does a travel nurse make in Illinois?

Working as a travel nurse can drastically increase your take-home income and can provide some amazing experiences along the way.  Working as a travel nurse in Illinois will provide you with a travel nurse income that is above average. Travelers in Illinois bring in approximately $2,500 per week, which piles up to an annual salary of $138,000! On average, floor nurses in Illinois earn $1,600 weekly and around $88,000 annually. This difference in these annual incomes is quite significant, so if travel nursing is a career that interests you take a chance and try it out!

Types of short-term housing for travel nurses in Illinois

After you sign on the dotted line for your first or next travel nurse assignment in Illinois, you must figure out where you want to live and what type of housing you are looking for. Finding your own housing can be intimidating, especially as a new travel nurse.  

Will you travel alone, with other travel nurses, or with a family? Do you have your own transportation or plan to use public transport during your stay? Your travel situation will decipher which type of short-term housing you should look for, so here are some common options to choose from.

  1. Extended Stay Hotels

Extended-stay hotels are the perfect options for travel nurses traveling alone or those who don’t mind living in close quarters. The benefit of staying in an extended-stay hotel is that you can utilize onsite amenities like housekeeping, restaurants, in-house laundry, business centers, aquatic centers, and gyms. Most also have cable and internet included in the cost.

  1. Room Rental

Renting a room in someone’s home or apartment is great for a travel nurse who is traveling alone as long as you are comfortable living with someone you just met. This can be a cost-effective option because you most likely will not have to pay the start-up costs of moving into an apartment, and you may not have to pay any fees if your contract ends early.  

  1. Apartment or Condo Rental

An apartment or condo would be an excellent fit for the travel nurse traveling alone and wanting their own space or a travel nurse traveling with other people. Depending on the rental property, this can be a pricey option because of the short-term rental, but if you have roommates to split the costs with, it can balance out.  

  1. House or Townhouse Rental  

Renting a house or townhouse would be ideal for the travel nurse who is not traveling alone. Whether you are traveling with family or other travel nurses, renting a house or townhouse would be perfect. Houses and townhouses will give you the space you need for extra people and belongings. Remember to find out the parking situation or public transit locations before renting a home. You don’t want a place to live and no way to get to work!

  1. Camper or RV

If you have your own camper or RV, living in it can be a lucrative living option. Typical campsite rental fees are much less than renting an entire space. You must consider how close a campground is to work and what season you will be traveling. Living in a camper or RV in Illinois during the winter months is possible but may not be ideal due to the harsh winter weather they can get.  

How much does housing for travel nurses in Illinois cost?

Your monthly rental costs depend on what part of Illinois you want. As expected, housing costs in Chicago can be extremely high. We are talking tens of thousands per month to rent apartments and condos, but some affordable options are available in Chicago. Additionally, other cities in Illinois can offer rentals in your price range.  

On average, a studio rental will cost $569, not including amenities. If you are looking for one-bedroom rentals, that will cost you approximately $636 monthly. Are you looking for a larger space? Two or more bedrooms will cost anywhere between $837-$1,124, not including fees, taxes, and utilities.

Factors affecting affordable housing for travel nurses in Illinois

Finding affordable housing in Illinois is possible, but it depends on several factors.  

  1. Length of stay
  1. Location
  1. Amenities
  1. Roommates
  1. Discounts
  1. Fees
  1. Time of year

When looking for housing as a travel nurse, you do have a few options to make your move easier. You can live in housing provided by your travel agency or take a housing stipend and find your own accommodations. Depending on your needs, both options have pros and cons.  

Agency-provided housing is the most straightforward option for travel nurses. If you choose agency-provided housing, you will work with your agency’s internal housing department to set up your accommodations. This option reduces upfront costs and protects you from paying additional fees if your housing contract ends early. Nursing travel agencies often have long-term rentals and will rotate travel nurses in and out of these rental properties. This saves you from the start-up fees, like deposits and other expenses you may face if you find your housing. One of the significant drawbacks of agency-placed housing is the time you will have before and after your contract ends. If you are a travel nurse who likes to explore your city before starting your contract, you may not have that option with agency-based housing.  

If you want more freedom with your housing, the housing stipend is for you. This option lets you pick the type of housing you want and the location. Additionally, as long as your accommodation is available, you can move in and out whenever you want. You can also pocket the extra money from the stipend if your housing comes in under budget! Some challenges you may face are finding short-term rentals at an affordable rate and being responsible for all rental property costs. Rental companies and landlords often charge 2-3x the rental fees since you are not committing to a year-long contract. Additionally, you must pay any fees if you need to break your lease early if your contract ends early.  

Where to find short-term rentals for travel nurses in Illinois is one of the most widely known search engines for rental properties. Not only will you find unfurnished apartments, but you will also be able to find furnished options if that is what you are looking for. You will find over 50,000 listings in Illinois, so you will surely find something in your budget with the amenities you are looking for. Each listing gives you information related to pricing, availability, amenities, and neighborhood features.  


You will find properties on Housestay come fully furnished with some kitchen utensils and other housewares. There are over 300 available properties for you to choose from. You can search using location, size, and move-in day. You can refine your search if you need parking or a pet-friendly space. Each listing provides information about the area, amenities, pricing, fees, and availability. You can also see photos of the rental, and some listings offer virtual tours.  


Using Landing as your search engine will provide you with furnished rental properties. These properties can be a bit more expensive because they come with furniture and often other home necessities. There are over 200 Landing properties available in the city of Chicago alone. The listing provides information about availability, amenities, additional fees, and some even have virtual tours. With that many options, you will definitely be able to find accommodations that fit your needs!  


Searching VRBO extended stay rentals provides over 300 rental properties in Illinois. These properties range from cabins in the woods to lakefront properties to country cottages. There are so many options depending on the type of rental you are looking for. Each listing provides a list of the amenities available within the rental and how many people can comfortably stay there. You will also see the additional fees that come along with the rental property. Most often, they come with a service and cleaning fee.  

Find your next travel nurse assignment with Advantis Medical

If exploring one of the gems of the Midwest with all four seasons is a venture you are interested in, take the plunge and check out Illinois travel nurse opportunities.

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