Top Travel Nursing in North Carolina Tips

Top Travel Nursing in North Carolina Tips for a Smooth Assignment

January 1, 2024

Looking for the best travel nursing in North Carolina tips to make your next travel nursing assignment seamless? You’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover everything from getting your North Carolina nursing license to choosing the best housing, making smart transportation choices, and seizing opportunities for professional to personal enrichment. All without losing sight of the financial perks that make travel nursing in North Carolina an attractive career move. Get ready to embark on a journey where culture, community, and career advancement converge. Discover your next opportunity by exploring travel nurse jobs in North Carolina.

Key Takeaways

  • North Carolina offers a rich and varied 13-week travel nursing experience, blending work with exploration of its scenic landscapes and cultural attractions.
  • Travel nurses can benefit from North Carolina’s diverse healthcare settings for professional growth, along with competitive wages and support from agencies like Advantis Medical.
  • With a focus on life-work balance and community, travel nursing in North Carolina extends beyond professional duties to embrace the local culture, cuisine, and outdoor activities.

Embracing the Tar Heel State: A Travel Nurse's Primer

Scenic Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina

Embark on an adventure in North Carolina, where the opportunity for travel nurses to explore, discover and revel in a varied environment abounds. From the majestic vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the piedmont’s gentle hills and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean at Outer Banks, this state blends natural splendor with warm communities and a deep-rooted history – enriching both your professional and residential experience.

Travel nursing assignments here typically span 13 weeks, affording you ample time as a travel nurse not only to fulfill your work commitments but also delve into North Carolina’s beautiful state and manifold attractions throughout your stint. Imagine seamlessly blending robust employment with cultural immersion and outdoor exploration within local environs—a harmonious mix fostering both career fulfillment and personal discovery.

Preparing for Your Journey: Licensure and Documentation

Prior to commencing your role as a travel nurse in North Carolina, you’ll need to manage some essential documentation. Initially, securing an active nursing license is crucial. Should you be arriving from outside the state’s borders, this involves graduating from a sanctioned nursing program and successfully passing the NCLEX-RN examination for nurse licensure. Keep your state identification readily available too. For those originating from states not part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, don’t worry. Since North Carolina participates in it, they provide temporary licenses with six-month validity during which time they review your endorsement request.

Navigating through the requisites of obtaining licensure can seem overwhelming, but rest assured that support is available. Travel nursing agencies commonly offer assistance throughout this procedure to ensure more seamless transitions into new roles within North Carolina while mitigating stress levels. They will guide you through various stipulations such as federal and state criminal background checks required for finalizing your nurse licensure process. Additionally, resources like the North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association (NCHCFA) provide valuable insights into long-term care, regulations, and health care policy, which can greatly aid nurses in understanding the broader healthcare landscape in which they will be working. For more information, visit NCHCFA.

Securing Your Home Away From Home

Furnished temporary accommodations for travel nurses

Securing a cozy living space while on assignment is essential. But how should you begin your search? Look no than online discussion boards and social media platforms dedicated to this purpose. These are excellent tools for discovering potential dwellings and receiving advice from local residents as well as experienced travel nurses.

If simplicity is what you’re after, furnished short-term rentals could be the perfect choice, allowing you to settle in effortlessly with nothing more than your luggage. On the other hand, sharing accommodations with fellow travel nurses might appeal to you. It not only divides up living expenses, but also offers a built-in network of colleagues who share an understanding of the distinct demands that come with being a travel nurse.

Getting Around: Transportation Know-How

After you’re comfortably acclimatized to town, your next challenge will be figuring out the best means of transportation. North Carolina offers a diverse range of transit options and selecting the most suitable one is essential for punctual work attendance as well as effortless travel during leisure time.

For those whose travel assignment location falls within metropolitan areas such as Charlotte or Raleigh, utilizing public transportation could offer both an economical and convenient way to commute. Conversely, if you are planning excursions into less accessible regions of North Carolina, opting for a short-term car lease may prove beneficial—allowing personal autonomy in your trip scheduling and exploration endeavors. When deciding on lodging arrangements, always take into account how close it is to your workplace along with the local transport facilities available.

Maximizing Professional Opportunities

Diverse healthcare settings in North Carolina

In North Carolina, travel nurses have substantial opportunities for professional development. The healthcare environment in the state provides a variety of experiences both in bustling urban centers and tranquil rural areas. This diversity of healthcare system gives you the chance to work with different patient groups and improve your nursing skills across several disciplines.

Job placement firms such as Advantis Medical facilitate career management and simplify the job search for nurses seeking new positions. They provide convenient mobile apps and tools designed to help find roles within North Carolina’s thriving health sector. With available spots like MedSurg/Tele Travel Nurse at Atrium Health Cabarrus in Concord, along with positions at Atrium Health - Mercy in Charlotte, there’s an abundance of prospects awaiting those looking for growth and expanded experience within their field.

Building a Robust Network

Networking plays a crucial role in enhancing job opportunities within the travel nursing sector. When you engage with your co-workers, it’s an opportunity to create meaningful professional relationships that can lead to new career openings down the line.

By becoming part of local nursing organizations and being active in their events, there are additional prospects for broadening your network. In states such as North Carolina, agencies like Advantis Medical offer robust support systems grounded in considerable expertise with healthcare facilities—assisting workers of diverse state in securing roles tailored to their abilities and individual desires.

Joining online communities and participating in nursing groups, such as the North Carolina Nurses Association, serves as an important resource for connecting with colleagues, exchanging insights, and offering guidance within the field of healthcare.

Enhancing Clinical Skills in Varied Settings

In North Carolina, the healthcare landscape provides an expansive spectrum of professional growth opportunities within its medical system. Your role as a travel nurse isn’t limited to just one environment. Instead, you can accrue vital experience across different clinical contexts – from vibrant city hospitals to quiet country and rural clinics everywhere.

The diverse settings urban hospitals in which you’ll work offer continual educational experiences and the chance for skill refinement. As a result, your expertise will broaden across various aspects of healthcare delivery. These broadened horizons are instrumental in propelling your career forward, ensuring that your tenure as a travel nurse in North Carolina is both fulfilling and professionally beneficial.

Cultivating a Rich Personal Life During Your Travel Assignment

Working as a travel nurse offers more than just the professional experience. It opens up opportunities for personal enjoyment and adventure, especially in North Carolina. This state invites you to delve into its varied taste sensations rich history and cultural offerings. Highlights include:

  • Savoring authentic Southern dishes
  • Experiencing dynamic arts and music scenes
  • Participating in local festivities and events
  • Indulging in outdoor pursuits such as hiking or coastal escapes

Every inclination finds its match here.

Beyond gastronomic delights, North Carolina is steeped in cultural treasures waiting to be discovered. As a travel nurse, you can:

  • Absorb the breathtaking vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Dive into bustling city centers brimming with an energetic arts scene

This unique blend allows for maintaining an enviable balance between your professional duties and enriching life experiences—a balance many aspire to achieve.

Discovering Local Attractions and Activities

Exploring outdoor activities in North Carolina

Attractions in North Carolina offer a diverse range as wide as its terrain. Notable points of interest include:

  • The bustling Uptown area and the renowned NASCAR Hall of Fame located in Charlotte
  • The stunning vistas found throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • The charming beaches along the Atlantic coastline

Those interested in educational experiences can engage with hands-on displays and research at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Alternatively, one might enjoy ascending ancient lighthouses or encountering native fauna at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. With such a plethora of attractions available, leisure time in North Carolina is ripe for discovery and excitement.

Embracing Community and Culture

Working as a travel nurse in North Carolina entails integrating into the local fabric beyond professional responsibilities. Immerse yourself within the community by taking part in events open to the public at universities, which encompass cultural, educational and social gatherings.

Exploring regional cuisine is essential. Whether you’re tasting distinctive craft beers at venues such as Sierra Nevada Brewing Company or indulging in beloved local confections at Britt’s Donut Shop, embracing the culinary traditions of North Carolina is key. Feel free to savor a classic hot dog from Yum Yum’s or enjoy handcrafted ice cream from Dot’s Dario—these quintessential food spots contribute to North Carolina’s unique allure.

Financial and Lifestyle Benefits for Travel Nurses in NC

Travel nursing in North Carolina offers a wealth of financial and lifestyle advantages, extending beyond the scope of professional growth and personal fulfillment. Nurses can anticipate earning competitive weekly wages averaging $1,923 while benefiting from living costs that are more affordable than the national average, thus enhancing their ability to save money and reduce everyday expenses.

Travel nurses may gain access to extra perks including housing allowances, compensation for travel expenses, and health coverage. The synergy between these additional benefits and the lower cost of living enriches life quality significantly—affording you the pleasure of both dynamic urban environments as well as peaceful countryside retreats.

Understanding Compensation and Perks

Travel nurses typically earn a weekly salary of about $1,923 in North Carolina. The amount may differ based on location. For instance, travel nurses in Durham can make around $2,230 each week, while leading agencies might compensate up to $3,212 weekly.

Beyond their regular paychecks, from the moment they begin work travel nurses are entitled to a comprehensive benefits package which includes:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Pension schemes
  • Performance bonuses
  • An amalgamation of earnings such as standard hourly rates, allowances that aren’t subject to tax and possible overtime remuneration

For added convenience with financial dealings for travel nurses is the practice of receiving salaries through direct deposit every week.

Enjoying a Mild Climate Year-Round

Enjoying outdoor activities in North Carolina's mild climate

A significant advantage of the travel nurse lifestyle in North Carolina is the gentle weather, which accommodates a range of outdoor pursuits throughout various seasons, such as coastal trips hiking trails and mountain treks to winter recreational activities.

Municipalities like Charlotte showcase the temperate climate characteristic of North Carolina that facilitates engaging in outdoor endeavors all year. Consequently, whether your preference is for basking in sunshine or reveling in snowy conditions, North Carolina’s climate can accommodate your penchant for alfresco experiences, enhancing overall life quality.

Partnering with the Right Agency: Advantis Medical

Travel nurses can more easily traverse the complexities of their profession with proper backing. Advantis Medical steps in to offer that support, recognized for its thorough induction process for travel nurses. The agency’s range of assistance encompasses numerous areas such as:

  • Credential verification
  • Enrollment into benefits programs
  • Arrangements for tax deductions
  • Provision of insurance coverage

This comprehensive approach means you’re not merely a freelancer. Instead, you hold the status and advantages that come with being an official employee.

Holding a Joint Commission certification, Advantis Medical delivers on its promise of facilitating easy transitions between jobs without hassles—a clear mark of excellence in healthcare recruitment standards. They provide every nurse with a Travel Coordinator whose role includes finding appropriate living accommodations, thus ensuring each new job assignment begins as effortlessly as possible.

The Gold Standard in Clinician Care

Advantis Medical is recognized as the pinnacle of clinician care, having secured the top position in quality care among traveling clinicians. Their commitment to outstanding service has established what is known as the Gold Standard within the industry, which stands as a clear indicator of their dedication to superior performance.

Not only does Advantis Medical meet this esteemed standard. They surpass it consistently. They offer tailor-made services accompanied by round-the-clock support from a dedicated team, ensuring that no matter what time it is—day or night—you have reliable and expert assistance at your disposal courtesy of Advantis Medical’s professionals.

Start Your Adventure with Ease

Embark on your journey as a travel nurse in North Carolina by reaching out to Advantis Medical at 214-305-6445. By contacting them, you’re initiating the process towards securing your new travel nurse assignment with the support of a committed recruiter.

Advantis Medical ensures that nurses receive full assistance—from finalizing their profiles to facilitating extensions for their and other travel nurses' nurse assignments—enabling nurses to concentrate on delivering outstanding care to their patients. With Advantis taking charge of discovering prime travel nurse jobs, you can dedicate yourself entirely to patient care without worrying about administrative tasks.


Travel nursing in North Carolina offers a wealth of opportunities, from diverse professional experiences to a rich cultural and culinary landscape. With competitive wages, additional benefits, and a supportive community, it’s an adventure that promises both professional growth and personal enrichment. And with agencies like Advantis Medical by your side, you can navigate this journey with ease and confidence. So why wait? Start your North Carolina adventure today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do travel nurses make in NC?

In North Carolina, travel nurses typically receive a weekly salary of $1,923 on average, as reported by This figure is somewhat below the national average for such positions.

The data provided can serve as an indicator for assessing prospective income levels for travel nurses within various cities in the state.

How do I become a travel nurse in North Carolina?

Ensure that you possess an active RN license to embark on your career as a travel nurse in North Carolina. Should your license be a multi-state one from a compact state, you are entitled to practice in NC without the need for an additional licensing process.

Wishing you success as you pursue your path towards becoming a travel nurse!

How do I maximize my travel nurse salary?

In order to enhance your earnings as a travel nurse, you should prioritize accepting assignments that offer higher remuneration, engage in negotiations to improve both salary and benefits, and take full advantage of the bonuses and incentives provided by agencies or hospitals.

Obtaining specialized professional certifications and opting to work in geographic regions known for offering superior compensation can significantly increase your income as a travel nurse.

What is the highest paying state for traveling nurses?

Travel nurses find California to be an appealing destination due to it being the top-paying state for their profession, offering a substantial hourly wage of $86.54 and an average weekly earning of $3,462.

How long do assignments typically last in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, assignments span a period of approximately 13 weeks, offering an ample duration for concentrated effort and educational growth.

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