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15 Top Paying Allied Health Jobs To Explore With Salaries Listed

October 12, 2022

Are you interested in traveling and working in healthcare but are looking to do something outside of nursing? There are so many options for allied health jobs, no matter what your interest.

What is Allied Health?

There are many jobs and specializations within allied health. Allied health consists of anyone in healthcare excluding doctors and nurses who tend to patients. The professions can include: lab professionals, imaging specialists, speech language pathologists, nutritionists, and many more. Luckily, many positions are lucrative and fulfilling.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  these are the top-paying travel allied health jobs:

Highest Average Allied Health Careers List & Salaries

Graph infographic of top paying allied health salaries by top earners and percentile.

1. Physical Therapist

Average Salary- $95,620

Physical therapists are healthcare providers that assess and create plans to help patients improve movement or recover from injuries. They develop care plans incorporating stretches and strengthening exercises customizing each patient’s needs and functionality.  

2. Occupational Therapist

Average Salary- $89,470

Occupational therapists are responsible for creating treatment plans to help patients complete the activities of daily living. These allied healthcare workers often work with patients who have an illness or injury but can also work with children who have developmental delays. They, too, create custom care plans for their patients depending on their needs and functionality.  

3. Genetic Counselor

Average Salary- $86,640

Genetic counselors assess patients and their families for inherited disorders and congenital disabilities risk. They educate their patients about testing and treatment options and also provide consultation reports for referring providers.  

4. Speech-Language Pathologist

Average Salary- $85,820

Speech-language pathologists work with patients of all ages with speech and swallowing difficulties. They assess, diagnose and treat patients who are having difficulty due to injury, illness, developmental delays, or anatomical malformations.  

5. Sonographer

Average Salary- $80,680

Sonographers work with ultrasound equipment to aid in the diagnosis of many ailments. Additionally, they assist during and after specific medical procedures to ensure the proper placement of medical devices.

6. Orthotist

Average Salary- $79,820

Orthotists are healthcare workers who design and create medical support devices for patients with amputations or congenital disabilities. These devices range from braces and prosthetics to surgical devices.  

7. Nuclear Medicine Technician

Average Salary- $78,760

Nuclear medicine technicians are responsible for preparing and administering radioactive drugs to patients. These medications can be used for diagnostic imaging purposes or disease treatment.  

8. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technician

Average Salary for MRI Tech - $53,590; Travel MRI Techs can make as much as $144K a year!

Magnetic resonance imaging technicians or MRI technicians operate MRI machines for diagnostic imaging. They administer contrast to patients to help produce a more detailed image to assist healthcare providers in diagnosing certain illnesses and injuries.  Browse our Travel MRI Tech jobs

9. Echocardiographers

Average Salary-$75,380

Echocardiographers are also known as cardiac sonographers. They are specially trained sonographers that obtain ultrasound images of the heart to measure size, blood flow, and function. Browse our Travel Echo Tech jobs

10. Respiratory Therapist

Average Salary for Respiratory Therapist - $53,590; Travel Respiratory Therapists can make as much as $142K a year!

Respiratory therapists work with patients with difficulty breathing, whether from illness or anatomical abnormalities. They perform tests, administer meds, and manage oxygen delivery systems like BiPAP or ventilators.  If you're interested in pursuing a career in this essential field, you can browse our Respiratory Therapist jobs to find the perfect opportunity for you.

11. Radiology Technician

Average Salary-$66,490

Radiology technicians perform x-rays, computed tomography, and mammography testing on patients. They are responsible for appropriately positioning patients to get the correct imaging while protecting them from unnecessary radiation.  

12. Dietician

Average Salary- $65,620

Dieticians use diet and nutrition to help prevent and treat specific disease processes. They utilize assessments and laboratory testing to create custom patient plans and goals.

13. Catheterization Lab Technologist

Average Salary- $62,020

Catheterization lab technologists work in a catheterization lab assisting in the invasive procedures for diagnosing and intervening in cardiac diseases and abnormalities. Additionally, they administer other non-invasive testing like electrocardiograms and cardiac stress tests.  

14. Laboratory Technician

Average Salary- $57,800

Medical laboratory technicians collect lab samples and run tests ordered by healthcare providers. The tests are often run through intricate automated machines, but they must complete many tests manually.

15. Surgical Technician

Average Salary - $53,590; Travel Surgical Techs can make as much as $145K a year!

Surgical technicians are allied health pros who sterilize, prepare, and arrange tools in the operating room. Additionally, they prepare the patients for surgery and ensure a sterile field is kept during the surgery. Additionally, they assist surgeons by passing necessary tools during surgery.  Browse Surg Tech jobs

How to Find High-Paying Allied Health Jobs

As you can see, there are many options when looking for travel allied health jobs. This allied health jobs list offers opportunities to work inpatient, outpatient, in a lab, or with actual patients. No matter what part of healthcare interests you, there is an opportunity for you.

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