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List of Black-Owned Businesses to Support for Black History Month

February 23, 2022

February is Black History Month. What better time to highlight some Black-owned businesses than now- and even into the rest of the year? Supporting a diverse range of businesses allows you to explore unique options and cultural integrations. You’d also be helping small businesses flourish and create more jobs.

9 Black-Owned Small Businesses

We’ve curated a list of small businesses specializing in headwraps, stationary, face masks, hair accessories, detergents, and deodorants. Shop for yourself or shop for your friends, fellow allied health, and travel nurse co-workers.

Turbanettes and Headwraps  

If you’re looking to keep your hair under wraps in a stylish way, consider shopping at a Black-owned headwraps company. There are many options from organic materials, ethically-sourced labor, and fun designs.  

  • The Wrap Life- Nnenna Stella founded Wrap Life in 2014. They specialize in vibrant headwraps. In addition to head wraps, they also offer turbanettes and bandies for various looks. One of the best things about this company is that you can find some helpful tutorials on how you can wrap your hair in fun styles with their products.  
  • Gymwrap- Is a line of stylish, functional hair accessories and face masks founded by Nicole Ari Parker. Their signature Gymwrap is a wide headband made with EvapoTech, a moisture-wicking fabric. Their wraps are available in 25 colors and prints, including Mocha, Raspberry Sorbet, and Lavender.

Craft Supplies & Stationery  

If you have an obsession with paper and papercrafts, these two Black-owned stationery companies are exactly what you're looking for.

  • Copper and Brass- Ariel Young founded Copper & Brass to combine her passion for paper and gift-giving to create a space to increase representation for Black-owned businesses and the Black community. Now, she sells more than just gift bags and wrapping paper. You can also find notebooks, pens, cards, and other cute things in her online shop.
  • Scrapcraftastic- Is an online stationery shop focusing on paper crafting and planners. Rachelle also has a YouTube channel and a blog where she shares her crafting expertise and offers tutorials to teach people about the art. She also has digital paper designs that you can print at home.  

Face Masks

Face masks are a part of the travel nurse uniform. Many people wanted more fun designs instead of the usual blue and white disposable masks. Black-owned small businesses have delivered and are thriving.

  • Henry Face Masks- Is a mask subscription service. You can refresh your face mask collection every month with a curated selection. You can find these reusable face masks in packs of 4 with various color palettes, including vibrant colors, sophisticated styles, and neutral shades.  
  • Diop- Is a Detroit-based clothing line. They are known for their diaspora-inspired streetwear, including face masks. Diop donates a portion of proceeds for each mask they sell to various COVID relief initiatives, including Feed the Frontlines, which provides meals to healthcare and emergency workers while supporting the Detroit-based restaurants.

Hair Accessories  

With the rise of embellishment trends and classy minimalistic styles, Black-owned hair accessory companies have started to emerge.  

  • The Way- When the pandemic resulted in mandated shutdowns, Illeshia Luciano had to close down their Lower East Side hair salon. However, she created a braiding kit that allowed people to braid their hair with ease. The kit is sold in their online store, which also has home incense, hair accessories, and even face masks.  

Detergents & Cleaning Products

We all have to clean our homes. So why not buy cleaning supplied and support Black-owned businesses at the same time?

  • PUR Home Clean- Angela Richardson founded PUR Home Clean. This company is devoted to laundry detergents and other household cleaning products. Ingredients in these products are non-toxic, plant-based, non-toxic, and come in fun containers.  

Deodorants & Body Care Products

After a long shift at the hospital, a relaxing home spa session is the best way to unwind. Support a Black-owned deodorant business while you reset with Alaffia.  

  • Alaffia-  Sells natural, fair-trade body care products that include a few key ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter, and African Black soap, sourced from co-ops in West Africa. Their products include deodorants, body lotions, bubble baths, and more. Find this brand on their website, Amazon, or Whole Foods. All profits go to the Alaffia Foundation, which is focused on empowerment initiatives in Africa.  

Supporting Black-Owned Business All Year Round

Tips for supporting black-owned small businesses.

Advantis Medical is proud to support Black-owned businesses, small-businesses, and veteran-owned businesses when shopping for gifts for our travel nurses and allied health community.  

We are a travel nursing agency that advocates for racial equality. We value what every member of our community brings to the table and help support healthcare facilities with the best talent. Join our travel nurse community in our AdvantisConnect job portal, where regardless of your background, sexual orientation, or skin color, you’re important to us.

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