Find the Best Travel Nurse Housing in Minnesota

How to Find the Best Travel Nurse Housing in Minnesota

October 11, 2023

Minnesota is often seen as a frigid and snowy state in the Midwest with little to offer visitors. This assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth! Sure, Minnesota is cold and snowy during the winter months, but it has so much to offer year-round. Whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, a travel nurse contract in Minnesota is for you!

Do you love the indoors, art, science, or sports? Minnesota has numerous museums, the Mall of America, and football, baseball, basketball, and hockey sporting events! Do you love the outdoors? Minnesota is your playground! Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes because it genuinely has 10,000 lakes within its borders, and where there are lakes, there are water sports, fishing, and waterfalls. They also have wildlife centers for wolves, eagles, bears, and the wildlife of the lakes. Are you looking to combine art and the outdoors? They have an outdoor sculpture garden to explore! If any of these exciting adventures speak to you, spruce up that resume and check out the travel nurse jobs in Minnesota with Advantis Medical.  

How much does a travel nurse make in Minnesota?

Travel nursing often leads to a higher paycheck than that of staff nurses. This can be an enticing aspect of travel nursing if your lifestyle allows you to travel to a new place for months at a time. On average, staff nurses in Minnesota earn $1,547 weekly, which translates to an annual salary of $84,570. A travel nurse in Minnesota does earn significantly more at $2,042 weekly and $111,600 annually. That is almost $500 more weekly to work as a travel nurse than a staff nurse!

Moreover, Advantis Medical currently features travel nursing positions in Minnesota that provide a up to $3,176 per week. It's an attractive proposition for those considering the travel nursing path.

A significant income difference can be alluring for you to pack up and head to the Midwest, but make sure you create a budget first to make travel nursing worthwhile. When working with your new budget, you must consider housing, travel, licensing, and other living costs. If travel nursing in Minnesota works for you, jump right in and go for it!

Types of short-term housing for travel nurses in Minnesota

There are a variety of short-term housing options for travel nurses in Minnesota. It all depends on the space you need and your must-have amenities.  

Extended-Stay Hotels

If you do not need a lot of space and want a lot of amenities, an extended-stay hotel is the right option for you! You have less space to maintain, and you will also have your own housekeeping service and partial laundry service. Additionally, you will have access to onsite aquatic centers, gyms, and business centers. Depending on your extended-stay hotel, you may have access to some onsite meals. If you enjoy cooking or spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this will likely not be a good fit for you since you will most likely only have access to a kitchenette. This could lead to some creative cooking, but not ideal for those who love to be in the kitchen.  

Room Rentals

Renting a room in someone's apartment or house is ideal for the travel nurse that is not looking for a lot of space but would like access to common areas like a kitchen or living space. Unless the complex or home offers it, you will most likely not have access to onsite amenities like housekeeping, gyms, or aquatic centers. When searching for a room rental, be sure to see which common areas you will have access to and what tasks you will be responsible for during your stay.

Apartment and Condo Rental  

If you are a travel nurse traveling with someone else, renting an apartment or condo would be ideal. Sharing an apartment or condo rental gives you access to the entire living space and, if available, in-unit laundry. If you are a nurse traveling alone, this may be a more costly option, but if you are more comfortable in your own space, go for it! Consider a sub-lease if you are facing the challenge of finding an affordable apartment option. Often you will only be charged the standard monthly rate versus a month-to-month rate.  

House or Townhouse Rental  

Renting a house or a townhouse will be an optimal option if you are traveling with your family or a group of travel nurses. Finding a short-term rental home can sometimes be challenging depending on the area, so you may have to be flexible in the amenities you want and your monthly budget. Additionally, if you rent a home, you may have more tasks you are responsible for around the property.

How much does housing for travel nurses in Minnesota cost?

The cost of housing in Minnesota depends on your location and the size of your rental space. Expect to pay more if you want to rent in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area. Additionally, rentals in the Rochester area are also more expensive. On average, if you are looking for a studio apartment, your monthly cost will be $632, not including utilities. On average, one-bedroom rentals in Minnesota will run $643 per month, not including utilities. If you want more space, like two or more bedrooms, your average monthly rent will range from $847 to $1,188.  

Of course, you can find cheaper and more expensive rentals than these, but these prices reflect your most standard rental options. If you want more high-end amenities, expect to pay more monthly.  

Factors affecting affordable housing for travel nurses in Minnesota

Numerous factors can affect your ability to find affordable housing while traveling.  

  • Short-term contracts can cost you more monthly than signing a year-long contract. Apartment complexes and landlords often prefer long-term agreements, so renting for only 8-16 weeks can lead to rent costs that are two to three times higher than the rate of a year-long contract.  

  • Your rent will also change based on the time of year you will travel to Minnesota. If you are traveling during a time of year that often has a lot of tourists and travelers, expect to pay more.  

  • The location of your rental will also affect its monthly rate. As mentioned before, if you live in or near Minneapolis, St.Paul, or Rochester, expect to pay a higher rent.

  • Your housing cost will also be affected by the amenities you seek. Are you looking for onsite laundry, pools, gyms, or parking? Include those extras in your monthly budget because they often don’t come for free.  

  • Some rentals offer discounts for travel nurses, and some nursing travel agencies offer discounts for housing. Make sure to check with your recruiter to see if they have any rental deals available for you.

  • Choosing agency-placed housing or stipend-pay housing will also affect your ability to find affordable housing.  

If you feel overwhelmed with finding housing options on your own, reach out to your Advantis recruiter and talk about your options for stipend-pay and agency-placed housing.

Choosing stipend-pay housing means that you will receive a set amount of money on top of your salary that is for you to spend on housing in your new city. This option means that you will be responsible for finding and booking your lodging on your own. You will be responsible for all start-up costs and any costs incurred if your contract ends early. This option does give you more freedom to choose where you will be living and how much time you have before and after you move. Also, if your rent is less than your stipend pay, you can pocket that as extra income as long as you have a tax home. Otherwise, you will be taxed on it like it is income.  

Your travel organization will set up your lodging if you use agency-placed housing. There are numerous benefits to choosing agency-placed accommodation. Rental properties are typically found in safe neighborhoods near your hospital or transportation. This option will cost you less upfront because most agencies rent a space long-term and rotate their travel nurses in and out. You are not responsible for start-up costs and will likely get a better monthly price. This format prevents you from paying a deposit and any fees for breaking your contract early if your travel contract ends early. However, you have less freedom in choosing where you live and how much time you have to move in and out of your rental space.

Where to find short-term rentals for travel nurses in Minnesota


Finding a rental on Airbnb may seem expensive, but they have a long-term rental search option. This provides prices for rentals if you will be staying longer than a month. Currently, Minnesota has over 1,000 rental options through Airbnb! There are various options, like downtown studios, lakefront cabins, guest suites, condos, and farms.  


If you are looking for an affordable, fully furnished rental, Housestay is a great place to look. They currently have 17 rentals available in the Twin Cities. The available rentals have 1-2 bedrooms, and each listing shows the available amenities and the extra fees that come with the property.  


Landing is another option if you are searching for a fully furnished rental. There are about ten listings in Minneapolis and St. Paul, ranging from studios to two-bedroom spaces. Each listing has photos of the space and information about amenities including discounts, parking, and pets.

Using puts all of your searches in one place. You can search for extended-stay hotels, single-room rentals, and entire unit rentals. There are over 700 rental options in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area to choose from. Each listing shows which amenities are available if there are any discounts available, and minimum stay requirements. If you are still determining what type of rental you are looking for, this is a great place to start!

Find your next travel nurse assignment with Advantis Medical

If you are beyond excited to check out the Land of 10,000 lakes, sign up for Advantis Connect and check out the travel nursing opportunities waiting for you in Minnesota! Whether you enjoy art, science, shopping, and indoor activities, or water sports, wildlife, and outdoor activities strike your fancy, Minnesota has something for you. Turn your career into an adventure today!

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