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How to Find the Best Travel Nurse Housing in Georgia

May 15, 2023

When you think of Georgia, you may envision a juicy peach or a cup of iced tea on a sunny and humid afternoon. However, the state of Georgia has an astounding number of cultural offerings that you may be unfamiliar with. For example, Georgia is the peanut capital of the country, and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has been ranked the busiest airport in the world. Taking a travel nursing job in Georgia can broaden your horizons and whet your appetite for Southern charm, delicious food, and historic wonders. You’ll also enjoy natural offerings such as the Blue Ridge mountains, Lake Lanier, and the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

Here’s what you need to know about travel nurse housing in Georgia and how to make the most of your time in the 13th colony and fourth U.S. state.

How much does a travel nurse make in Georgia?

The take-home pay for a travel nurse in Georgia is substantial. The average base salary for a travel nurse in Georgia is $2,088 weekly or $114,102 annually. Salaries may vary based on whether you take an assignment in a bustling metropolitan area where the cost of living is a bit higher, such as in Atlanta, where the average weekly salary for travel nurses is $2,230 weekly or $121,885 yearly.

If you have a lifestyle that can accommodate travel nursing, it can be a very lucrative career. Once you’ve decided to take a travel nursing job in Georgia, it’s time to consider the types of housing options that would be best for you and your personal desires.

Types of short-term housing options for travel nurses in Georgia

1. Rent a house

If you would like a good amount of space during your assignment, you may want to consider renting a house or townhouse. It’s important to understand how much responsibility you may bear when it comes to taking care of the property. For example, will you be responsible for mowing the lawn every week? You may be required to obtain renter’s insurance. It is also a good idea to keep in mind the terms of the lease, especially if there’s a chance you may have to break your contract early.

2. Rent an apartment or condo

If you would still like the comforts of home during your assignment, but you don’t need as much space, you may want to consider renting an apartment or condo. Depending on the property you find, this may grant you access to perks such as a workout room or pool. It’s a good idea to keep in mind the terms of the lease, especially if you think you may have to break your contract early. You may also be required to obtain renter’s insurance.

3. Rent a room

If you’re on a very short-term contract, or you’d like a bit more flexibility than signing a lease, you may consider renting a room during your travel nursing assignment in Georgia. If you don’t think you’ll be spending much time at home anyway, renting a room can give you a good “landing spot” without breaking the bank. It’s important to know that you may be sharing common spaces with other people, so make sure to keep this in mind, especially if you may be working atypical hours (nothing is worse than being awakened by a vacuum cleaner when you’re trying to rest before a night shift!).

4. Stay in an extended-stay hotel

If you’re looking for a simple space to rest your head and take care of your basic needs, you may consider an extended-stay hotel. Staying at an extended stay can afford you privacy, comfort, and housekeeping options. This may be a great choice if you’re traveling lightly and eager to spend less time in the hotel room and more time exploring your new surroundings.

Factors affecting affordable housing for travel nurses in Georgia

There are many factors that may affect the price of housing in Georgia. The size of the unit will have the greatest impact on the price, as a studio apartment rental may cost $632 monthly, whereas a 4-bedroom property may cost $1,229 monthly. In a bigger metro area, such as Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, the cost of a studio apartment may increase to $1,016 monthly.

Other factors may affect the affordability of housing, as well, including the following:

  • Time of year
  • Whether you’re bringing a pet
  • Whether you want roommates
  • How long you’ll be staying

Agency-placed housing vs. stipends

When you’re looking for travel nurse housing in Georgia, you can decide between agency-provided or housing stipend options. In agency-based housing, your decision-making process is more streamlined and straightforward, as you will be following a more charted course. You may not have to incur extra costs like rental deposits, because many travel nurse agencies have long-term contracts with landlords or rental companies.

However, agency-based housing may be less flexible, and you may have less choice when it comes to your moving timeline. If you opt for a stipend, you can find your own accommodations. This may be appealing if you enjoy the search process and think you may be able to stay under budget.

Where to find short-term rentals for travel nurses in Georgia

There are a number of websites to find travel nurse housing that can help you simplify your search process. Make sure to check out:

  1. Airbnb
    Airbnb is fully searchable for a variety of rentals, ranging from condos to houses. You can also search based on features such as length of stay, number of bathrooms, or on-site laundry.
  1. allows you to find apartments based on when you’d like to move in and the number of bedrooms you’d like, as well as amenities such as on-site gyms or pools.
  1. can help you find a room to rent while you’re working as a travel nurse in Georgia. It can help you search by length of stay, location, and price range.
  1. is similar to Airbnb in that you can search for a variety of rentals. However, you may be more limited if you are searching for a long-term option.

These sites will allow you to narrow your search based on geographic location, size, and amenities, and easily compare among offerings.

How to find your next travel nursing gig with Advantis Medical

Travel nursing can be an amazing way to expand your world and develop professionally. Georgia offers a fantastic mix of city, country, culture, heritage, and natural beauty.

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