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Healthcare Worker Discounts to Enjoy Year Round

July 19, 2022

A career in healthcare provides a deep level of personal satisfaction for many people. It’s also highly skilled work that most people aren’t cut out for. As a result, there are lots of perks for healthcare workers to enjoy year round.  

Best discounts for healthcare workers

Discounts offered to healthcare workers and brands on a calendar.


Lots of healthcare workers spend the majority of their day on their feet providing patient care. Getting a good night’s rest is especially important for them to provide excellent patient care. A memory foam mattress from Nectar might help prevent back aches and other discomfort while you work. Try it out with their generous 15% discount for healthcare workers.  


Athleisure and joggers remain among the most fashionable clothing, but some companies produce these types of clothing with materials that tear and wear too easily. Nike is a trusted leader in athletic wear and shoes that many people trust. Whether you need trendy threads or functional footwear, you’ll appreciate their 10% discount for healthcare workers.  


Staying connected is more important than ever. Cell phones are a convenient way for friends, family, and coworkers to keep in touch. To help ease the cost of connectivity, AT&T gives healthcare workers a 25% discount for themselves and their family members.  


Ten years ago, Crocs were considered dorky and lame. Fast forward to now, and they’ve gained a seat among some of the most trendy and comfortable footwear brands. If you’re considering getting a pair, check out their 15% discount for healthcare workers.  


Getting creative is a great way to blow off some steam after a long shift. Adult coloring books, crocheting, and other crafts are a great way to put your mind at ease and express yourself. Use Joann’s 15% discount for healthcare workers to find an art project and decompress in between shifts.  


Technology is advancing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Computers and laptops become obsolete after a few short years, and purchasing a new one is expensive. Lenovo provides 5% discounts to healthcare workers to help ease the cost. That way, you can get the technology you need to keep up with the latest research or participate in continuing education courses to keep your license up to date!


High quality headphones and speakers are hard to come by. Bose is known for surround sound and noise canceling headphones that immerse you in your music, podcast, or other audio preferences. They even give healthcare workers discounts on their website.  

Westgate Resorts

Sometimes you just need a vacation, especially when you work in a high stakes field like healthcare. Westgate Resorts has locations at some of the most sought after vacation destinations in the United States. Healthcare workers can enjoy discounts on accommodations at any of their locations from Branson to Kissimmee, Las Vegas, and more.  


Learning a new language is a challenging but useful skill, especially as the United States continues to live up to its “melting pot” moniker. It’s especially helpful in the healthcare setting so you can communicate more effectively with patients from diverse backgrounds. Take advantage of Babbel’s 60% off discount for healthcare workers to start learning a new language today.  

Enjoy the perks of healthcare

Healthcare workers benefited from select discounts prior to the pandemic, but it seems like additional offers popped up since the world witnessed their tireless efforts to minimize the impact of COVID-19. These 9 discounts for healthcare workers are available all year long. Bookmark this page so you can access them at your convenience.  

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