Flu Doesn't Discriminate: Is Your Pediatric Facility Prepared?

[Infographic] Flu Doesn't Discriminate: Is Your Pediatric Facility Prepared?

August 21, 2023

Your best bet for flu preparedness? Make an early, preventative plan. Pediatric units are among the worst-affected during critical spikes in influenza, when staffing shortages and suboptimal nurse-to-patient ratios can spell tragedy for the quality of care that our children receive. Even the best-staffed hospitals are not immune to critical shortages. 


When disaster strikes and demand spikes, we have there sources you need to fill nursing and allied deficiencies quickly and efficiently. Premier healthcare systems in all 50 states trust Advantis Medical to supply screened, vetted, and qualified clinicians during times of need. We quickly mobilize our network of over 200,000 healthcare professionals to fill urgent openings in pediatric units across the nation. We also help hospitals develop proactive strategies for worst-case-scenarios, ensuring staffing levels never dip below optimal levels. 


Don’t leave your little ones behind– schedule a call with our team today to learn how you can keep your youngest and most vulnerable patients safe this flu season!

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