Fargo, North Dakota aerial view of buildings in the city at night with lights illuminating the tops of towers.

Travel Nursing Jobs in North Dakota

Do wide-open spaces, big skies, and fresh air bring out the best in you? Travel nurses love North Dakota's vast plains. Labor/Delivery, Neuro, and Pre-Post Op travel nurses are in high demand and we're hiring for other specialties across the Flickertail State. Broaden your experiences and expand your career on a travel nurse job in North Dakota. It's easy - get started today!
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Popular Places to Visit in North Dakota

Fargo, North Dakota city streets lined with red and white buildings with a mix of urban and modern appeal at night with light painting.
Green northern lights in a forest at night with a starry sky found in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
Little Missouri river cutting through the Badlands scenery in North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the summer.
Travel nurse couple and child standing at the top of a building patio in the International Peace Garden State Garden admiring the sunset and geometric flower beds with a pond running down the middle.
Fargo is North Dakota's biggest city with a vibrant downtown and plentiful entertainment options. You can also see the Northern Lights on clear nights making travel nursing jobs in North Dakota a memorable experience. Bismarck, the capital, is a thriving city in the Great Plains. Spend a day exploring remote trails, then hit the town for dining and entertainment. Grand Forks blends urban access with a suburban vibe. It's considered a safe place for families and has lots of parks, coffee shops, and bars/restaurants. The Peace Garden State will help you feel grounded while earning top dollar. Sound good? Explore Advantis Medical travel nursing jobs in North Dakota below.

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Travel Nursing in North Dakota:
Did you know?

  • Learn to speak like a local! Frustrated North Dakotans say, "uff da!"
  • A 3,591-pound hamburger cooked in Rutland, ND, holds the world record.
  • Document your visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park with lots of selfies.
  • Scandinavian Heritage Park in Minot is an outdoor architectural museum.
  • Nokota wild horses are only found in the Badlands of North Dakota.

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Sign for world record 3,591-pound hamburger cooked in Rutland, North Dakota in winter. Historical building in Scandinavian Heritage Park in Minot, North Dakota on top of a grassy hill surrounded by green trees. North Dakota Badlands with stone hills and mountains covered with natural greenery.

North Dakota Travel Nurse FAQs

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What license do you need to travel nurse in ND?

North Dakota Board of Nursing
Contact information
Website: https://www.ndbon.org/
Phone: 701.400.9108


Processing Time: 3 - 4 weeks
Valid for: 4 years
Renewal Schedule: by December 31

How much can a traveling nurse make in North Dakota?

Indeed.com estimates the average travel nurse salary in 2022 at $125,064 but this can vary widely by location, specialty, and demand. This is significantly higher than $77,600, the average salary for a staff nurse in 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

What is the highest-paying travel nursing agency in North Dakota?

Advantis Medical negotiates for the highest-paying travel nursing jobs in North Dakota. All our travelers qualify for free concierge service. Chat with your recruiter to learn how we can help you land the job of your dreams quickly and hassle-free!

What are the benefits of working with Advantis Medical?

Advantis Medical offers comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage, along with 401(k) plans that start on day one. Experience the Gold Standard in clinician care with the convenience of weekly direct deposit, housing & travel assistance, and a personal concierge for onboarding & credentialing. Interested in traveling with a friend? Advantis offers $500 per traveler that you refer so it’s never been easier to travel with friends or family.

How much does travel nurse housing cost in North Dakota?

Your Advantis Medical Support Team can help you find housing in North Dakota within your budget. Our Travel Coordinator will even book your living arrangements if you’d like! We do not provide agency housing. Instead, our travelers get a generous stipend and any help needed to get settled. This gives you the freedom to live where you want and lets you pocket any leftover money, too! Agency-provided housing, on the other hand, is deducted from your paycheck. Either way, you pay for your living arrangements.