Furnished Housing for travel nurse

Where to Find Furnished Housing as a Travel Nurse

February 27, 2024

Congratulations, you have signed on the dotted line for a travel contract; now you have to decide what type of housing you will need for the duration of your contract! Finding accommodation in a new city or new state can be overwhelming. There are so many websites for housing properties, but finding fully-furnished short-term rental properties can be challenging. Well, look no further because here are the top ten websites to find your next home!

Furnished Finder

As one of the most popular housing search websites, Furnished Finder will have what you want in a rental property. This housing search engine has over 150,000 furnished rental listings that you can refine using your city, budget, and move-in date. Finding furnished housing is also free for travelers!

Not only can you find a safe place to live, but they also offer to verify properties even if you haven’t found them using their site. Additionally, they post articles full of red flags when looking for housing and what could indicate that you are getting scammed. Lucky for you, they take traveler safety seriously!

In addition to being one of the most trusted sites for short-term furnished rental properties, over 100 medical staffing companies utilize their services; they also offer travelers discounts and tools to make traveling seamless. Talk about everything all in one place! Furnished Finder provides users with a travel nurse budget tool, city guides, and hotel discounts.

Travel Nurse Housing

Powered by Furnished Finder, Travel Nurse Housing is specifically designed for traveling medical staff. You can book a furnished property without booking fees, and you will book directly with the property owners. In addition to booking directly with property owners, you can contact the owner with any questions or concerns.  

Medical staff traveler safety is one of this company’s top priorities! Travel Nurse Housing has over 40,000 properties available, from extended-stay hotels to single rooms to entire furnished units. Each property is verified and screened for your safety and to prevent scamming. You can also get free owner verification from properties you find elsewhere.

Each listing thumbnail identifies if the listing is for an extended-stay hotel, room rental, or entire unit. Each listing also specifies if utilities are included in the price or if the rental is pet-friendly. If you are looking for more details on the amenities, you will have to click the listing, but this layout streamlines the process of looking for specific rentals in your city!

Short-term Housing

Short-Term Housing is not explicitly designed for traveling healthcare workers alone. Still, it is intended for traveling government housing, relocation housing, luxury housing, and corporate housing for traveling medical staff. The rental properties come fully furnished and often include all utilities in their fees.  

You can search through over 30,000 rental properties in over 6,000 cities nationwide. If you are traveling to a smaller city, you may have trouble finding a rental property using this service. You can, however, complete a search form including the address where you will be working, date of need, and budget and receive information on available local properties.  

The downside of using this service is that these properties are more pricey than other websites, and the rental price is not readily available during your search. Each listing provides photos and a description of the property and its amenities but not the monthly cost. This could significantly prolong your search on this site.  

Extended-Stay America

If you are looking for an extended-stay hotel to call your temporary home, check out Extended Stay America! These extended-stay hotels offer cable, wifi, onsite laundry, daily breakfast, and fully equipped kitchens for no extra charge! They also have pet-friendly options if you have a furry friend to bring along.

Extended Stay America offers unique programs and discounts for stays longer than 60 days and has over 750 locations nationwide. They even have a rewards program that provides deals on car rentals, local retail, restaurants, theme parks, salons, and entertainment.

Each listing page will tell you the many hotels in that specific city or area and the local sites you should check out. You will also see what amenities are available at each location and your cost per night. You can search by city, length of stay, special rates, and the number of guests.  


Contrary to popular belief, Airbnb is more than just a vacation rental site, you can also book what they consider long-term stays. A long-term stay is considered anything over a month in a specific location. You will find over 1,000 rental options in the United States. Due to the cost of some of the Airbnb rentals, this may be a good option if you are traveling with others.

Suppose you are nervous about renting a stranger's property. In that case, you can rest assured that Airbnb completes background checks on hosts using OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) lists, local criminal records, and sex offender registries. Additionally, they verify hosts’ identities with government identifications to prevent fraud and money laundering.  

It is simple to search any city and location, and each listing provides photos of the rental, available amenities, space descriptions, reviews, host ratings, local sites, and any monthly stay discounts offered! There is no need to send emails to learn more. It is all right at your fingertips while you search for your new home away from home!


Similar to Airbnb, VRBO also offers long-term rental options across the country. Only some of their rental properties are available for long-term rentals, but they have thousands of options with monthly discount rates. Again, similar to Airbnb, this option may be better for groups of nurses traveling together due to the price.  

Each search is upfront and easy to navigate. You can access photos, amenities lists, availability calendars, reviews, and local maps. You will also have the option to contact the host directly and read through the policies and rules of each rental.


If renting a room in someone’s home or apartment interests you, Homestay is for you! Using this website gives you access to fully furnished rooms and gives you access to other areas of the home. When searching for a rental, you can search by meal options, host hobbies, amenities, pets, and price.

The results page offers little information, only showing weekly costs, ratings, and a single photo. You must click each listing or refine your search for more information. Each individual listing will show additional images, meal options, rules, and host reviews. This can make your search process a bit longer, but if you are set on renting a room in someone’s home, this is a great website.

The drawback of looking for fully furnished options through Homestay is that it is only available in some cities, so you will have fewer options than with other websites. Additionally, the process of checking and verifying hosts is unclear. Their website provides little information on how or if the hosts are background checked or if there are protections against scammers.  


Housestay lists single-family or multi-family apartments, condos, duplexes, and townhomes, so if you are still determining what type of space you are looking for, you have come to the right place! All listings on this site come fully furnished with utilities included! The rentals are not shared spaces, so you will only have a roommate if you choose. Additionally, each listing must complete a Housestay home inspection process before guests arrive.  

Unfortunately, Housestay rentals aren’t available in all cities but have hundreds of listings nationwide. Additionally, you must complete a background check before guest approval, so even if the rental is open, you may not get approved to rent the space. It also may take longer to search this site because your results page only shows size and cost, so if you are looking for specific amenities, you will have to click on each listing, but if you have the extra time to search this site, it will be worth it!


If living in an apartment or home owned by another person differs from what you are looking for, Landing is an excellent option. Landing partners with property developers, managers, and owners to provide a more streamlined rental process. Because the properties are partners with Landing, you can easily transfer between properties as needed. With properties in over 375 cities across the country, you shouldn’t have a problem finding your new home.

There are guest requirements when applying for a rental, most properties will check your credit score, and you will need proof of a specific income to be a guest at the property. Typically the requirement is your monthly income is 2.5 times the monthly rental price. If you book a stay longer than 90 nights, some rentals have special offers to save on housing costs.  

When searching properties, you can access floorplans, photos, and virtual tours to help you get a feel of your new home before booking the rental property. You will also get a breakdown of amenity and utility costs that you may have to pay on top of your monthly rental fees. They are upfront about your total cost, so you won’t bite off more than you can chew.

If you are looking for the most widely recognized rental search site, check out! There are over one million listings available through this search, not all are furnished, but you can filter out the unfurnished properties.

Of all the search sites, this one gives you the most options to filter your search. You can draw on the map if you would like to live in a specific area. You can see the price, photos, virtual tours, and amenities on each listing. If you would like more information about a verified listing, floor plans, local transportation, the neighborhood, and reviews, that is available on all individual listings.  

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