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Travel Registered Nurse - NICU jobs in Fresno, CA from Advantis Medical

Travel Registered Nurse - NICU Travel Nurse job available in Fresno, CA

Community Medical Centers
Fresno, CA
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Weekly Pay
Start Date
25 Sep 2023
13 Weeks

Job Description

Advantis Medical is excited to announce an outstanding opportunity for a travel nurse in Fresno, CA. This rewarding travel contract position operates on a 3 shifts per week, 12 hours per shift schedule with a contract duration of 36 weeks.

With us, you'll enjoy a superior pay and benefits package, along with our personalized service that has ranked us the #1 travel nurse agency. As a Joint-Commission-certified agency, we promise a seamless and stress-free experience.

You will be working in the NICU unit at Community Regional Medical Center, providing exceptional patient care, collaborating with healthcare teams, and documenting your interventions. You will also have the opportunity to explore captivating cities and states, immerse yourself in diverse cultures, and create lasting memories while making a difference.

Requirements for the job include:
- License/Certificate Verification
- CHS Education Verification
- CHS Skills Checklist
- COVID-19 Vaccine
- Hepatitis B
- TB Test
- Health Statement
- Driver's License/State ID
- Varicella
- Tdap
- CHS Profile
- CHS 2 Professional References
- CHS Criminal Background Check Results
- CHS Social Security Trace
- CHS Employment Verification
- CHS OIG Search
- CHS National Sex Offender
- CHS Medi-Cal Suspended and Ineligible Provider List
- CHS Drug Screen
- CHS Confirmation of Assignment/Job Description
- CHS Acknowledgement of Receipt for Policy Packet
- CHS Dispute Resolution Agreement
- CHS Badge Photo
- HLC Confirmation
- CHS Confidentiality of Receipt

Additional information:
- Fit Test and Covid Test are optional
- CHS Opt In Sheet is optional
- CHS ROI for MyChart is required
- CHS Driving Record is optional
- CHS Any DNS (Do Not Rehire/Send) is required

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Fresno, CA Overview

Fresno, California (CA), nestled in the heart of the sunny state, is a vibrant hub for travel nurses and allied health professionals. Its diverse culture, blending art, music, and traditions, creates a dynamic atmosphere. Known for its tantalizing food scene featuring farm-to-table delights, Fresno boasts renowned attractions like the stunning Yosemite National Park and the mesmerizing Sierra National Forest. With a mild Mediterranean climate perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, Fresno invites you to explore hiking trails, enjoy vibrant gardens, and bask in the sun. With iconic nearby cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, starting a career with Advantis Medical here guarantees an exciting and fulfilling journey.
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Travel Registered Nurse - NICUTravel Nurse job available in Fresno, CA
Community Medical Centers
Fresno, CA
Weekly Pay
Start Date
25 Sep 2023
13 Weeks
NICU Travel Nurses - Advantis Medical

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