Registered Nurse
Sharp HealthCare
San Diego
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Job Req No:
June 11, 2021
Start date:
June 21, 2021
Pay Rate:
Key Job Responsibilities:
1. Provides care to patient and family care that progresses them towards self-identified, holistic, and individualized goals.
2. Performs nursing process through individualized assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of safe, therapeutic, efficient care for patients.
3. Promotes quality outcomes.
4. Collaborates or seeks additional resources as needed in the management of complex, new/unusual, or other high-risk clinical situations
5. Serves as patient and family advocate in ensuring excellent and satisfying care.
Sharp HealthCare Registry RN Discipline - Specific Responsibilities: The Registered Nurse is the direct and indirect provider of safe and therapeutic care for an assigned group of patients. Care is individualized and age specific using the nursing process.

1. Assesses the need of patients and families
• Identifies and prioritizes overt and subtle patient and family needs and goals
• Documents assessment data.
2. Develops a plan of action in concert with patient, family and other healthcare team members.
• Uses the nursing process to safely and therapeutically care for patients.
• Develops plan of care as evidenced by documentation (IPOC) and includes patient/family and members of the healthcare team.
3. Implements and adapts the comprehensive, age/culturally appropriate plans using nursing interventions with patient/family.
• Implements plan of care. Seeks out resources when appropriate in new situations.
• Makes nursing decisions appropriate for plan of care in accordance with compliance.
4. Evaluates patients and familys progress towards goals and determines the need to alter goals and interventions.
• Evaluates patient/family response to care in relation to intended goals.
• Participates in patient care conferences.
• Documents patients response to care.
5. Identifies and responds to patient/family educational needs through an individualized educational plan
• Assesses learning needs including barriers/readiness, develops plan and implements plan of care (IPOC & IPER) using appropriate resources.
6. Evaluates patient and family learning through use of adult-learning theory and revises plan as appropriate. (E.g. documented in IPER, IPOC, discharge teaching, etc.)
7. Recognizes barriers to communication with the patient and family and seeks interdisciplinary expertise to establish a therapeutic relationship.
• Analyzes socio-cultural variables to adapt nursing interventions to meet diverse needs.
8. Serves as a patient advocate through encouraging patient and family participation in decision-making and acting to uphold individual/family rights.
9. Communicates patient and family care needs through documentation per department /entity guideline of care and policies and procedures.
10. Delegates / assigns care to other healthcare team members which is within their scope of practice/competency to perform.
11. Coordinates, integrates, and intervenes with other healthcare team to impact well being of patient /family.
• Communicates with other healthcare team members to coordinate patient care activities.
• Follows through with identified actions/referrals. Identifies and communicates need for patient care conferences.
12. Communicates and coordinates with other members of the health care team and ancillary staff to expedite patient progress and/or workflow.


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