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How to Choose the Right Travel Staffing Agency to Work With

February 26, 2021

Utilizing travel staffing agencies is a great way to ensure you are contracting top talent for your organization. Travel agencies possess a wealth of knowledge on current market trends and a broad network of qualified travel RN professionals. But with so many options, how do you choose the best travel staffing agency for you? 

Research the Travel Staffing Agencies

Before anything else, you’ll want to do some online research. We recommend reading reviews and articles about the various options available to you. Travel nurse, allied heath, and client reviews are very telling, so it’s a good sign if an agency’s reviews are favorable in both number of reviews and quality ratings. Some other important items to research about potential staffing partners include: 

·     Is the travel staffing agency specialized in staffing the type(s)of candidates you’re looking for?

·     How strong is their performance in your area of the country?

·     Are they knowledgeable on the current market and rates necessary for finding qualified talent?

·     Do they work with various seasonal, part-time, and temporary contractors to best meet your needs?

Doing research is an essential part of ensuring that the travel staffing agency you choose is a best fit for you. Once you have narrowed down the list, the next step is to open up dialogue with potential partners to determine if they have the qualities you are looking for.  

Collaboration & Transparency

For any partner, you must work well together. An excellent way to gauge this before entering an official agreement is to see how easy it is to find contact information. Additionally, pay attention to how long it takes for someone to get back to you. Communication is vital, so make sure you find a client that prioritizes prompt replies.

While it is essential to have a subject matter expert in hiring, it is equally crucial to feel like you have a partner to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of. The best partner will work with you to identify top talent for the position and your facility. They should be committed to putting in the time and energy to learn about your company, so contractors are prepared and know what to expect.

The best travel staffing agencies will not be afraid to tell it how it is. They will be truthful and provide honest feedback and insight towards any potential candidates and how to make your position stand out amongst others to generate candidate flow. This transparency will lead to an effective partnership and in turn, make your job easier.

A Travel Staffing Agency That Will Make Your Job Easier

A staffing agency's job is to make your job easier by taking staffing off of your plate. This helps to prevent the stress of hiring, firing, and excessive turnover. It is essential to find an organized, detail-oriented agency with excellent communication skills so you can focus on the other important aspects of your position. 

Another way to reduce stress in the hiring process is to work with contingent agencies, meaning you don’t pay unless qualified candidates are identified and accepted by you. Agencies who work off of contingent agreements are motivated to find qualified candidates as quickly as possible because their commission also relies on filling your vacancies.

Advantis Medical is committed to making your job easier through a family of talented and caring travel nurses and allied health professionals.

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