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How to Avoid Bad Recruitment Processes

July 7, 2022

Working with a healthcare recruiter should be a positive experience, but that’s not always the case. Poor recruitment processes and a lack of professionalism from some recruiters might leave a bad taste in your mouth. However, there are lots of healthcare recruiters who provide excellent service to both job seekers and the companies that hire them. Keep reading to learn what people hate about recruiters, what you should expect from a seasoned healthcare recruiting professional, and how Advantis Medical Staffing helps you avoid common pitfalls. 

There are numerous travel nurse agencies in the U.S. making it hard to find the perfect agency for you. That's why Advantis Medical Staffing wants to help you have a pleasant experience with these tips.

Why recruiters have a bad reputation

Anyone can become a recruiter, but only the best rise to the top. There are very few barriers to entry for this profession, so it’s no surprise that job seekers deal with bad apples on a regular basis. Recruiters’ bad reputation stems from several issues: ghosting prospective candidates, sharing irrelevant job opportunities, demanding salary history, and convoluted interview processes. Avoid working with healthcare recruiters who make these mistakes and opt for proven professionals. Look for healthcare staffing agencies that train their staff and have won industry awards.

Ghosting prospective candidates

Getting contacted by a recruiter for an exciting job opportunity is the best feeling. When someone reviews your resume or LinkedIn profile and reaches out because they think you’re a great candidate for a job, you can’t help but feel flattered. It’s even more exciting when you’re interested in the job opportunity. 

However, the recruiter may be reaching out to several good candidates at once. If you don’t make their short list after they receive application materials from everyone they reached out to, they might leave you in the lurch—that is, they stop responding to your emails because they don’t need you anymore. This is a clear sign of a bad recruiter that can leave you feeling defeated. But rest assured, getting ghosted by a healthcare recruiter says more about them than about your value in the job market!

How to find recruiters with good communication skills

The best way to find a reliable recruiter is to build a relationship with a pro at a proven agency. When you sign up on AdvantisConnect, you’re assigned a personal Advantis Medical Staffing recruiter that has gone through extensive training that prepares them for the demands of advancing healthcare professionals’ careers.  

You can, and should, expect prompt support, complete information, and respect for you and your search from your recruiter and supporting staff. You deserve a recruiter who is dedicated to your career and will never leave you feeling forgotten, ghosted, or like a number.

Sharing irrelevant job opportunities

When a healthcare recruiter reaches out with a job opportunity that is irrelevant, it’s both annoying and a waste of time. Automated emails with these sorts of opportunities are the worst. They often contain low level positions that you're overqualified for, or opportunities outside of your career field. 

Avoid these recruiters, as they’re not tailoring their recruitment efforts to job seekers or the companies that are hiring. They’re simply trying to fill the position with as little effort as possible so they can move on to the next job listing and collect their commission. 

How to find relevant job opportunities

Finding a job is serious business and your recruiter should be your partner. They should learn about your professional and personal aspirations then work to match you effectively. Work with staffing agencies that seek complete information about you and that are transparent about the opportunities available.  

It’s valuable to have control over how and when you search. That’s why Advantis Medical Staffing empowers self-serve browsing, a complete concierge experience, and everything in between.

Demanding salary history

Nothing is worse than having a phone interview with a recruiter who demands to know your salary history first thing. This information serves nothing more than to give them more leverage when it comes down to salary negotiation. 

In today’s job market, you should be in control. If a healthcare recruiter demands your salary history and doesn’t ask for much else, you might be better off working with someone else. You deserve competitive pay for your new position, not a minimal increase based on your current salary. 

How to address salary questions

Find recruiters who respect you for your skills and are focused on maximizing your earnings. Sometimes they may be required to get an earnings history, but that should never be the primary focus. Your placement package should showcase your talents and support your recruiter in always getting the best rates possible for you.

Bad Recruitment Processes

Have you ever gotten excited about a job interview that went well, only for your recruiter to reach out to schedule several more follow up interviews? While it’s great to know you passed the first interview, requesting a bunch of other interviews is a hassle—especially if you’re interviewing while you already have a job. 

Recruiters should know your time is valuable. If you need to meet with multiple people at a prospective employer, they should make it as painless as possible. Expecting job seekers to take multiple days off of work to interview for a job they ultimately don’t get is disappointing and disrespectful. Find a healthcare recruiter who values your time to cut down on unnecessary interviews.   

Find travel nursing or allied health jobs with clear interview processes  

Travel clinicians with Advantis Medical Staffing are told the interview process up front. Our strong reputation extends to our clinicians, so some of our travel assignments do not require a single interview! Whatever the process is, though, your recruiter should keep you informed, prepared, and ready for your next job.

Advantis Medical Staffing recruits differently

Healthcare recruiters at Advantis Medical know that your time is valuable, and your skills are in demand. As a result, we prioritize customer service for travel nurses and allied healthcare professionals who work with us. Visit our website to learn more about our streamlined recruitment process!

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